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This is what you need to know about "Ultimate Team"

Introduced in 2009, the Ultimate Team mode is an added Game mode by EA sports to its FIFA game to increase the power and influence that gamers have on their teams. When it was introduced for the award winning 2009 FIFA version, it was a downloadable game mode for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 only. But through its enormous success, characterized by its popularity, Ultimate Team has become a success and has continued to improve the feel of both online and offline playing by letting players dictate who they want in their teams. Now, the Ultimate Team mode is found in all later versions of the FIFA game from the 2009 version to the 2014 version making it one of the greatest gaming inventions.

But what is it all about and just how does it work? Through The Ultimate Team, as gamers, you will be able to act as a real life team manager letting you pick the most talented players in the world in an aim to create your ultimate team and compete with other squads around the world in tournaments that are usually put up on a monthly basis. To achieve your ultimate team and buy your desired players, you have two options where one is to play and get Card Packs while the other is through buying the virtual coins, FIFA coins, which you can in turn use to buy desired players and built up your team’s chemistry. 

Buying and selling players

Card packs are usually categorized into three; Gold, Silver or Bronze. To get money for the packs, you can choose to play games and earn them or you can also purchase them. This also comes in two forms where you can buy packs by using Microsoft points earned in play or which you can also buy with real money. Another way to get players is through trading the players in your team for other players usually on an action system that lets you advertise players you wish to sell. Selling players on Ultimate Team attracts a tax of 5% meaning that if you sell a player for 3,000 coins, you will receive 2,850.

With a selection of over 8,000 players, you are spoilt for choice. To start your own ultimate team, you will start of with a team featuring bronze and silver players with only two gold players. A players rating in real life is what categorizes a player as either a bronze, silver or gold player. Bronze players are rated up to 65, silver up to 75, while gold players are rated 75-99. Prices of players is a reflection of their popularity in the game with the most popular being the most expensive and vice versa. 

Creating your ultimate team

The Ultimate Team add on is free but its experience will change every aspect of your playing experience. It might be time you became a manager and depending on the choice you make to get your fantasy players, it might not be long to achieve that fantasy team. Generally earning points and using them to get players will take a longer time. But buying card packs and FIFA coins will get you there faster. You will also learn a lot on your way up to creating your team, and the managing specifics that real life managers have to go through to come up with their desired team. But once you get to learn how to acquire players, use contracts and come up with winning formations, the Ultimate Team mode will be as addictive as any drug, but it’s all for a good cause, your entertainment.



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